Tourist facts and figures

According to figures provided by the State Office of Statistics (statistisches Landesamt), the number of guest arrivals in Düsseldorf in the 2018 period is as high as never before (3,068,803). The new figure translates into a rise of 6.4 per cent. The number of overnight stays in Düsseldorf saw a rise of 5 per cent, to a total of 4,988,092.


International source markets partly register significant growth
At 40.4 per cent, Düsseldorf reports an exceptionally high share of accommodations for foreign guests. In the international accommodation ranking, the Netherlands top the list at 192,741, followed by the  UK with 190,285 and the United States at 127,000. The primary travel market continues to be Germany with a share of 59.6 per cent in total accommodations (2,971,872).

Detailed and comprehensive information on guest arrivals and overnight stays divided into source markets is available from the Statistische Landesamt.