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Königsallee 56,  40212 Düsseldorf

Some love shoes and bags, others love tablets and smartphones. Not only fashion does stir up longings but also, hi-tech. The Kö would not be the Kö if such desires were left unfulfilled.

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Sevens is the name of the shopping centre where technology fans will be in their element. The electrical supplier Saturn is located there on five floors. With an area of 9,000 square metres, it is the third largest branch in Germany. The huge range extends from coffee machines to hi-fi systems, from printers to flat screens. There are more than 100,000 items from consumer electronics, household, computer, photo, video, mobile communication and entertainment as well as recording media, films, games, software and digital books waiting for their buyers. And so that everyone can get their money's worth at Sevens, the large shopping temple is also laden with fashion stores. After indulging in the experience, why not meet up in the food court in the basement?

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