City wall / gate

Ratinger Tor (Ratinger gate)

Maximilian-Weyhe-Allee ,  40479 Düsseldorf

“What does not fit, is made to fit.” The refreshingly straightforward mentality of Düsseldorf people comes to light in the city's history time and again.

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So not only Carsch-Haus and the Oberkassel Bridge were moved to where they wanted them to be. Also, the classicist Ratinger Tor, that was built by the student of Schinkel, Adolph von Vagedes between 1811 and 1815 and which replaced the former medieval gate as the customs gate, was moved by the Düsseldorf people 115 metres to the east. The reason? The Ratinger road was extended by 60 metres (today one of the most popular party miles, of which every metre is used by fun-loving participants) and created space for the layout of a large boulevard, the Heinrich-Heine-Allee.