Brewery "Gulasch"

Belsenplatz 2,  40545 Düsseldorf

Which is it then? Gulasch or Altbier? Actually, preferably both. The name of this beer that is brewed in the city district of Oberkassel makes reference to the nickname of master brewer Klaus Unterwaining. 

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And his favourite dish is the meat goulash that is so popular in the Rhineland. That is why not only the Alt beer, which has been brewed here since 2011 is called Gulasch, but it is also the name of the man who sells it. So that the confusion does not get out of hand, you should perhaps order a sauerbraten (braised beef) or a Mettbrötchen (minced raw pork roll) with the beer. Although, of course, there is also goulash soup. It goes without saying that the beer is best at the brewery itself, the “Alten Bahnhof” at the Oberkasseler Belsenplatz.

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