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Japanese Garden

source link In the north-west corner of the Nordpark, which is also the quietest and most unhurried part of the park, there is a garden jewel of a special kind: the “Japanese Garden on the Rhine”. On entering the 5000-square-metre garden, numerous traditional elements of Japanese horticulture come into view. The garden was designed by Iwaki Ishiguro and his son, and laid out by him and six other gardeners. They used Japanese pond gardens, also known as pleasure gardens, as their inspiration.

essay writing website reviews Visitors can follow a looping trail through the park. The trees – mostly pines and Japanese maples – are cut in a special way, and the individual branches of the black pines have a delicate, almost cloud-like shape. Everything in this Japanese Garden on the Rhine, also known as the “Garden of Reflection”, has a deep symbolic meaning, from the trees, pond, stones and spring to the little hills, lanterns and seating arrangement by the pond.

graduate school essay writing service In 1971 the state capital carried out its first appraisals to find out if a Japanese Garden could be created in Düsseldorf. Two years later the Japanese themselves joined the discussions. In 1975, the association “Japanischer Garten in Düsseldorf”, founded by Japanese firms and Düsseldorf’s Japanese community, presented the garden to the people of Düsseldorf as a symbol of a special bond.

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