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Fassades Düsseldorf's Altstadt
Fassades Düsseldorf's Altstadt
Köbes (waiter) serving Altbier
Köbes (waiter) serving Altbier
Burgplatz and Schlossturm from above
Burgplatz and Schlossturm from above
Drinking Altbier in the Altstadt
Drinking Altbier in the Altstadt

Altstadt (Old Town) The famous Altstadt is a wondrous square kilometre that has more to offer than any other district in Düsseldorf. This is where the waiters ("Köbesse") are diamonds in the rough, where the next beer comes without it being ordered and where pork knuckles are a staple of people's diet as well as where tales are told and tranquillity goes hand in hand with the city's hustle and bustle. More than 260 pubs line the "longest bar in the world": local breweries, lounges, cocktail bars, electro-clubs and sophisticated ambiences – this is the place to find the venue to suit your personal taste.

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go here But it's not only body and soul that will feel great in Düsseldorf's Altstadt: the district will also provide intellectual stimulation because this is where most of the state capital's art and cultural venues are to be found. The major Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, the innovative NRW-Forum, the venerable Museum Kunstpalast and the Filmmuseum, which has even been praised by Hollywood greats, are just a few of the many museums that leave an impression on visitors. Düsseldorf also has many important performance venues: the Deutsche Oper am Rhein (Opera House), the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus (Theatre) and the Tonhalle (Concert Hall) all bear witness to Düsseldorf's reputation as an international centre for the arts and culture.

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pay to do paper Düsseldorf's centre is also home to some of the city's most beautiful churches. For instance, the Sankt Lambertus Basilika, which was first built in the 13th century, and which with its twisting spire helps make Düsseldorf's skyline unique. In conjunction with the Schlossturm (Castle Tower) and the River Düssel, the basilica remains part of the Old Town's original core. This church's parish altar also houses a shrine containing relics of Saint Apollinaris, the city's patron saint. St. Maximilian and St. Andreas are also always worth a visit!

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