Emmastraße ,  40227 Düsseldorf

30 kilometres of winding paths through nature - the Düsseldorf Südpark is a great attraction for the public. The so-called Volksgarten (public garden) is for many visitors the most beautiful part of the 70-hectare complex and at the same time it is the oldest. 

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As early as 1895/96, the illusion of an ideal landscape was created here in eleven hectares: elegant avenues, romantic ponds, dense bushes and wide meadows - is it any wonder that those in the south of Düsseldorf enter their own garden with the first ray of sunshine in the face of this splendour? Incidentally, its paths lead seamlessly into the younger areas of the city oasis, created during the BUGA in 1987: The garden sections “Vor dem Deich” (in front of the dike) and “In den Gärten” (in the gardens) are also attributed to the Südpark and have their own characteristics with a petting zoo and miniature golf course.

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