Gehry Bauten (Gehry Buildings)

Neuer Zollhof 1-3,  40221 Düsseldorf

The Neue Zollhof designed by the US-American architect Frank O. Gehry represents the structural change of the Düsseldorf harbour. Just in time for the millennium, the expressive building ensemble was added to the list of Düsseldorf landmarks. 

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Gehry created three sculptural, organically shaped buildings that are not restricted by geometry and also differ in their materials, height and expression of shape. The three façades are especially rich in contrasts: Bricks are combined with stainless steel and bright white plaster. However, not only architecture lovers will get their money's worth at the Neue Zollhof: The two restaurants on the ground floor of the Gehry buildings, the Meerbar and the Rocca 800 °C, are great attractions for gourmet enthusiasts.


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