Our Blog Highlights 2021 #2


Our Blog Highlights 2021 #2

We look back on an exciting year. Throughout the year, we provided you with 141 blog stories from gastronomy, culture and fashion. We asked our colleagues what their highlights were from the "Düsseldorf Stories" year 2021.

Paulina, what was your favorite blog post?

Six gastro discoveries of the year. That's where I met Phox Pho and ate the best vegan Pho this year! 

What blog post inspired you to try something new? 

 "Six wonderful autumn walks" - it struck me that I've never really looked at the parks in Düsseldorf. Then I immediately grabbed a friend and took her for a walk through the Hofgarten. 

Other than that, what are your favorite topics on the blog? 

The "six..." Series I find every time really great! I like to get tips and ideas that I then try out on trips with friends. 

Who was the last person you recommended our blog to?

My mother, because she would like to suggest to her department to make the next trip to Düsseldorf and she needed ideas. 

What blog article would you like to see in 2022? 

The "Six coolest design hotels" is what I would like to see.

Paulina is our trainee in the Market Development department. She supports our colleagues in press and fam trips and projects like Health Tourism.

Cover photo: Paulina's favorite picture of Düsseldorf (© Düsseldorf Tourism)
Portrait: © Düsseldorf Tourism

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