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Cyclingworld Düsseldorf
Saturday, 25.03.2017
Areal Böhler, Alte Schmiedehalle, Hansaallee 321
    Messe rund um das Thema Fahrrad

    It has been 200 years since Karl Drais presented his first, two-wheeler invention which he called a “running machine”. Today, this “alternative to the horse” – the bicycle – is well-established, and it will become ever more important. For ecological, economic and health reasons, the bicycle is increasingly being used as a mode of transport in the world’s metropolises. In addition, it has been proven that bicycle-friendly cities are seen as places with a high quality of life.

    In keeping with this trend, and with a nod to the “Grand Départ” of the Tour de France, a new bicycle-themed consumer fair will be taking place on 25 and 26 March. Under the motto of “See – Marvel – Test – Dream – Be Happy!”, Cyclingworld Düsseldorf will be showing new products from the world of the bicycle at the Areal Böhler. Apart from classic bicycles, e-bikes, pedelecs and any number of small products, the “Cycle Couture” section will give visitors a taste of stylish cycling apparel, far removed from the standard lurid colours and frumpy designs. While this gear may not qualify wearers for the Tour de France, they will certainly cut a good figure on a bike.

    Those more interested in the technical side of cycling can explore the “Sport” section where they will find the newest innovations that engineering, materials science and manufacturing technology have to offer.

    There will be something for velophile world travellers too. The subject of travelling by bike will be examined in great depth in the “Travel” section – be it cycling through Mongolia, taking a tour of the Lower Rhine Valley, or crossing the Alps.


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    Location Geo:
    Areal Böhler, Alte Schmiedehalle, Hansaallee 321