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Kunstpunkte 2017
et cetera
Saturday, 16.09.2017
Offene Ateliers im Düsseldorfer Süden

    Getting close to artists, talking shop about art, and getting a glimpse of creative spaces that are usually hard to access – Kunstpunkte (Art Points), which takes place once a year, enables very direct engagement with Düsseldorf art activities away from museums and galleries.

    Around 500 Düsseldorf painters, sculptors, photographers, video artists and other creators of art are taking part in this event. One of them is Felicitas Lensing-Hebben whose studio (Kunstpunkt 179) is at the back of Helmutstraße 14. Lensing-Hebben works with clay. She squashes, hits and kneads the material into hollow shapes and then puts them together to create tall stele. Kunstpunkte is spread across two weekends: on 16 and 17 September the studios in Düsseldorf South will open their doors, followed by those in the north of the city on 23 and 24 September. On the Friday evenings beforehand (15 and 22 September) Düsseldorf’s lively non-mainstream scene will also be presenting itself. The exhibition spaces, organised by the artists themselves, will be showing a programme of films and concerts.

    Interested members of the public will also be able to see two dance rehearsals: the Ben J. Riepe Company will be showing stage sets and costumes as well as a couple of performances on the first weekend at Engelbertstraße 23; the Theater der Klänge at Winkelsfelder Straße 21 invites the public to an open rehearsal of its production “bauhaus ballette” on 23 and 24 September.


    Detailed information about all studios, the participating artists and special activities at

    Foto: Kunstpunkte


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    Offene Ateliers im Düsseldorfer Süden