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Clean City
Theater, Kabarett
Friday, 21.07.2017
Alte Farbwerke
    Theater-Performance mit Anestis Azas & Proodromos Tsinikoris, Im Rahmen vom "asphalt festival 2017 - Sommerfestival der Künste"

    In the middle of summer when the sun heats up the cities and culture is put on the back burner, the ASPHALT Festival invites people to experience theatre, dance, music, literature and visual arts in special places in a special atmosphere. This is the fifth edition of the interdisciplinary festival which will largely be taking place at the “Weltkunstzimmer” and the “Alte Farbwerke” opposite from 14 to 23 July.

    The two festival directors, Christof Seeger-Zurmühlen and Bojan Vuletić, will once again be following their maxims of bringing culture to the local districts, disrupting different spaces, and posing questions about topical issues. The overarching theme of this year’s festival is “Shaping Cities”: who shapes urban space and for whom? Who are the shapers of a city?


    In “Heroes” (14 July, Weltkunstzimmer) audiences can see nine male and female dancers wearing close-fitting catsuits in vibrant colours. Their stage is small: they have a space of just three by three metres to perform their breakdance, voguing and hip hop-inspired contemporary dance, accompanied by a mix of hip hop, rap, salsa and classical music.

    “Who is actually cleaning Athens?” is the question that theatre makers Anestis Azas and Prodromos Tsinikoris asked themselves when, in 2012, right-wing extremists started hunting down immigrants, demanding that the city be “cleaned up”. They discovered that it is exactly those immigrants who clear away the filth there, day in day out. Five of them will be on the stage in “Clean City” (21 and 22 July, Alte Farbwerke): real-life cleaning women from Athens who will talk about family, home and shattered dreams, singing a tearjerker in between times.

    Apart from that, there will be a rapper who performs his rap to classical music (15 July), a toy theatre for adults (16 and 19 July), a theatre solo based on Goethe (22 and 23 July) and an excursion through the global microcosm around the Hauptbahnhof – the main railway station (17 to 23 July).

    Full details of the programme at


    Photo: Real-life cleaning women and born entertainers: the five performers in the theatre piece “Clean City”, Foto: Christina Georgiadou


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    Location Geo:
    Alte Farbwerke
    Halle 29,Ronsdorfer Str. 74