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Höhepunkte des Rheinischen Karnevals
Thursday, 23.02.2017
Altstadt/Innenstadt, Telefon: 33 01 01

    “Uns kritt nix klein! Uns kritt nix klein! Es lebe unsre Narrenfreiheit hier am Rhein!” (“We’re nobody’s fools! We’re nobody’s fools! Here on the Rhine – Carnival rules!”) is this year’s motto song that Heinz Hülshoff – alias “Fat Heinz” will be singing for the Comitee Düsseldorfer Carneval.

    The text comes from former “Hoppeditz” actor Jürgen Hilger-Höltgen who, initially, wasn’t very keen on the Düsseldorf Carnival motto at all. He said the song had only temporary political status and would be very difficult to realise. He inserted hidden references into the song – about the Merkel-Erdogan situation and about the way that the people of Cologne are constantly paying musical homage to their city. Mayor Thomas Geisel, on the other hand, was delighted by the motto: “It fits perfectly with our Düsseldorf Carnival which is famous for saying things straight without shame!”

    One person who has been skilfully using his “jester’s freedom” for years is float builder Jacques Tilly. Thanks to his provocative motifs, the Düsseldorf Rose Monday parade regularly hits the world’s headlines. Apart from the parade of floats (the “Zoch”) which will start off at 12:00 noon on 27 February from Corneliusstraße in the direction of Königsallee, there will be many exhilarating parties and atmospheric moments before the Carnival season comes to an end:

    On 22 February, KakaJu invites young people and the young at heart to the Schlösser Tent on Burgplatz, to dance into “Altweiber” day on the following Thursday. A few metres away, the KG Regenbogen carnival company will be celebrating the “Böser Hupenball” at the Schlösser Quartier Bohème with shrill, off-the-wall party firecrackers. On 23 February (Altweiber) the crones will storm the Rathaus (City Hall), snipping off every tie that they manage to catch with their scissors. On that day there will also be a stage programme with live music, as well as numerous Altweiber parties in many of the city’s pubs and clubs.

    Carnival Sunday (26 February) is the high point of the private street carnival. Königsallee will be closed to traffic on that day, completely under the control of the Carnival revellers who, in fancy dress – and in some cases pulling the traditional handcart – will be enjoying the lively buzz on Düsseldorf’s grand boulevard.

    Foto: Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH

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    Location Geo:
    Altstadt/Innenstadt, Telefon: 33 01 01