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Rheinpark Bilk

The large and spacious-feeling Rheinpark extends from the Kniebrücke bridge to the Zollhafen and offers visitors an unimpeded view of the gently curving banks of the Rhine with the city skyline in the background. The 4-hectare green area – which today is planted with a double row of 220 plane trees and 200 poplars, lime, maple and ash trees – was up to a few years ago a harbour where ships lay anchored.

The Rheinpark Bilk came into existence thanks to the interests of business and industry. Changing economic demands, restructuring and rationalisation had made the Berger harbour obsolete, and the inner harbour was consequently filled in. The newly gained land was not only welcome space for the trees and bushes of the Rheinpark Bilk, but also for the Landtag (parliament building), the Rheinturm and the studios of the regional broadcasting corporation WDR.

Since parliaments, public broadcasting corporations and technical facilities want to be close to the public, it seemed an obvious choice for the buildings to be surrounded by a park. The 50-metre-wide “green” bridge between the park and the Stadttor is a particularly impressive feat of engineering. The combination of foliage, meadows and public buildings is also interesting: the architecturally appealing buildings blend harmoniously into the park and are a worthwhile destination for an excursion.

Protrusions jutting out from the harbour wall, widened spaces, and unobstructed views of the Landtag building, the Rheinturm and the yacht harbour, provide additional interesting perspectives. Since the park stretches far into the harbour right to the last bulwark of the customs port, great views abound. 



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Total Area 7,6 ha