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Aerial view Palace of Benrath
Aerial view Palace of Benrath
Dyck Castle
Dyck Castle



Generous park landscapes constitute a ”green axis“ that runs right through Düsseldorf.

The axis commences with the Nordpark with its Japanese Garden, continues through the Rheinpark and Hofgarten and carries on through the Südpark to the Fleher Wäldchen.

Particularly lovers of historic parks will find that the parks of Schloss Benrath, Schloss Eller and Schloss Heltorf are also worth a visit. These parks have been laid out in the English and French styles.

Düsseldorf‘s parks are its ”green lungs“ and offer space for people to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Wherever you are in Düsseldorf – the nearest park isn‘t far away.

Brochure "Palaces, Castles and Parks"


The Hofgarten is the green lung of Düsseldorf. It stretches from the Jacobistraße with Schloss Jägerhof and the bordering Malkasten park to the Heinrich-Heine-Allee by the Altstadt (Old Town) and from



The Nordpark – synonymous with relaxation, fountains, sculptures, beautiful mature trees, decorative flowerbeds, playgrounds, an aquazoo and a Japanese Garden.
All this variety is doubtlessly one of the reasons why


Japanese Garden

In the north-west corner of the Nordpark, which is also the quietest and most unhurried part of the park, there is a garden jewel of a special kind: the “Japanese Garden


Palace and Park Benrath

More than 200 years ago, Benrath Palace was built as a summer residence and hunting lodge for the Elector Carl Theodor close to the Rhine in the south of Düsseldorf. Nicolas



With a total area of 70 hectares, the Südpark is Düsseldorf’s biggest and most visited park. The popularity of the park is due not least to the 30-kilometre network of paths



Whether you want to take some time out from a shopping spree, are interested in modern art or simply want to relax on a bench in front of one of the


Rheinpark Bilk

The large and spacious-feeling Rheinpark extends from the Kniebrücke bridge to the Zollhafen and offers visitors an unimpeded view of the gently curving banks of the Rhine with the city skyline


Rheinpark Golzheim

The Rheinpark Golzheim stretches from the district of Pempelfort far into the district of Golzheim, about 2.5 kilometres along the right bank of the Rhine. The spacious, 24.1-hectare Rheinpark, with its


Oberkasseler Rhine meadows / "Schrebergärten"

The expansive Rhine meadows between the Rheinknie and Oberkassel bridges, are not only where the people of Düsseldorf like to hang out and relax, they are also a popular venue for



The 3-hectare Malkastenpark in the centre of Düsseldorf is a historic meeting point for artists and philosophers and has been a protected historical monument since 2001. Following a three-year restoration project,


Botanical Garden of the University

The Botanical Garden of the Heinrich-Heine University is situated in the south of Düsseldorf at the Himmelgeister Rheinbogen (bend in the Rhine). As a research facility, it is



The Rheingärtchen is situated in the district of Pempelfort, and with its 5000 square metres is one of the smallest listed parks in Düsseldorf. To this day, all important elements of