town hall

Rathaus (Town Hall)

Marktplatz 2, 40213 Düsseldorf

A notable address, a venerable structure. The Düsseldorf Rathaus, built by Heinrich Tussmann, has been located at Marktplatz 1 on the north side of the central marketplace for nearly 450 years.

A lot of water has flowed down the Rhine since then, no wonder that the Rathaus has been renewed and expanded several times over the centuries. In 1705 the “Grupello-Bau” was built and approximately 180 years later, three centuries after the first building, the “Wilhelminische Bau” (Wilhelminian building) was constructed. Markplatz 6, another wing of the building ensemble, was added in the post-war period. From the heart of the Altstadt (Old town) and therefore close to the citizens it governs, this tradition has been here for centuries. Especially at Christmas time the close proximity to the citizens can be clearly seen: Then the market square around the Jan Wellem equestrian monument forms a romantic backdrop for the Düsseldorf Christmas market.


Marktplatz 2
40213 Düsseldorf

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