Clothing Store

Miu Miu

Königsallee 18, 40212 Düsseldorf

Die Königsallee ist gespickt mit Rosinen der High-Fashion-Welt, und immer wieder kommen neue hinzu. Allein die Ladenarchitektur der großen Designer-Stores lohnt einen Bummel über den traditionsreichen Boulevard, von der modischen Inspiration einmal ganz zu schweigen.

The Königsallee is peppered with gems from the high-fashion world, and new ones are constantly being added. The shop architecture of the large designer stores alone is worth strolling over the traditional boulevard to admire, not to mention the fashion inspiration. The Düsseldorf branch of Miu, the sister brand of Prada, also belongs to the list of highlights. 500 square metres of luxury on two floors connected by a black marble staircase. “Company architect” Roberto Baciocchi pulled out all the stops when designing the interior. A subtle contrast is provided by indirect, soft lighting and intimate lounges that add to the prestige shopping feel at Miu in the Kö.

Free entrance.