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Theme Markets

Handwerker-Markt on Marktplatz

Düsseldorf city hall provides a magical backdrop for the handicrafts market on Marktplatz. At the foot of the equestrian statue of Elector Jan Wellem, visitors will discover a Christmas market village with huts and cabins modelled on the style of the Renaissance brick-built city hall in the heart of Düsseldorf’s Altstadt (Old Town).

Glass-blowers and wood turners, painters, pewterers and brush makers will be offering their wares here. And there’s more: the craftsmen and craftswomen will be happy to demonstrate their skills to interested visitors. A painstakingly restored children’s carousel which is almost 100 years old will take little visitors on a nostalgic journey. And it is always worth visiting the hand-carved life-sized manger from Bethlehem

Map of Handwerkermarkt

Impressions of Handwerker-Markt

Engelchen-Markt on Heinrich-Heine-Platz

The sandstone façade of the histor­ical Carsch-Haus department store will set the tone for the colour scheme of the “Engelchenmarkt” (“Angel Market”). The music pavil­ion on Heinrich-Heine-Platz, an art nouveau masterpiece, has inspired the builders of the market huts to adorn them with floral motifs and angel figures in wrought iron.

The square is a bright sea of lights. This is reflected in the number of golden angels that bathe the Christmas market in a “heavenly” glow.

Both traditional and avant-garde treats will be awaiting visitors who may also wish to warm themselves with steaming-hot mulled wine
and hot chocolate under the music pavilion’s roof.

Map of Engelchen-Markt

Impressions of Engelchen-Markt

Altstadt-Markt on Flinger Straße

Flinger Straße, in the heart of the Altstadt (Old Town), provides a Christmassy link between the Marktplatz and Heinrich-Heine-Platz. Here, where trendy brands now sell their young fashion from historical buildings, the style of the Christmas market huts has been modelled on that of the old Düsseldorf burgher houses.

The traditional mulled wine pyra­mid opposite the Carsch-Haus department store is a popular spot for friends to meet for a drink.

Map of Altstadt-Markt

Impressions of Altstadt-Markt

Sternchen-Markt at Stadtbrückchen

In the inner courtyard of Wilhelm- Marx-Haus, the “Sternchenmarkt” (Little Star Market) is radiant, thanks to the highly impressive lighting design. Once you enter the courtyard – lined with snow-covered huts, countless crystals and glittering stars – you start to dream. With its decorations “floating” high above visitors’ heads, it’s a magical feast for the eyes, particularly in the evenings.

In this beautiful seasonal setting, visitors can look forward to mulled wine, tasty treats, snacks, jewellery, home furnishings and other gift ideas.

The carousel will be the biggest hit with the youngest Christmas market visitors. Quietly situated at the edge of the inner courtyard, it is ideal for little ones who wish to try out the carousel horse, fire engine and motorbike for the very first time.

Map of Sternchen-Markt

Impressions of Sternchen-Markt

Märchen-Markt on Schadowplatz

The Schadowplatz this year is set to delight visitors with a fully restyled market. A village in wintry white will spread festive cheer with all the flair reminiscent of Scandinavia. The redesigned market will be set up right outside the new Kö-Bogen with its innovative architecture. The stores in the Libeskind Building with their quality offerings are guaranteed to open up new dimensions to Christmas shoppers in Düsseldorf. In 2013 the Schadowplatz promises to combine in a delightful setting a unique Christmas market experience with shopping in style.

Map of Märchen-Markt

Märchen-Markt on Schadowplatz

Kö-Bogen-Markt at "Jan-Wellem-Platz/Joachim-Erwin-Platz"

The Christmas market by the Kö-Bogen is admired for its picturesque view of the Hofgarten, Düsseldorf’s most central city park. In addition to the spectacular Magic Sky canopy – a new place for live music – this is also where the popular children’s activity tent can be found. The programme organised for the young visitors is supplemented by a children’s carousel. This market features traditional wooden huts occupied by traders and caterers. From Feuerzangenbowle (a kind of rum punch) to pretzels and cheese, there is something to suit every taste.

Map of Kö-Bogen-Markt

Impressions of Kö-Bogen-Markt at Jan-Wellem-Platz/Joachim-Erwin-Platz

Schadow-Markt on the Schadowstraße

On and around Schadowstraße, the visitors will be offered craftworks, snacks and seasonal beverages. Children will be able to enjoy the merry-go-round.

Map Schadow-Markt

Impressions of Schadow-Markt on the Schadowstraße