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Rallyes for kids

approx. 2 hours walk for children from 8 - 12 years

City rally for children

viagra generika sicher kaufen Your tour takes you past interesting houses, monuments, fountains and places of interest. Even if you have never been in Düsseldorf you will find your way using the coloured descriptions on the city map.

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Kids' Harbour Rallye

Make your way to the MedienHafen (MediaHarbour) where you’ll find some very unique looking buildings. The Gehry buildings, Rhine Tower, etc., make this rally a fun experience and let you explore the MedienHafen off your own bat.

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The individual questions in the two rallies are not difficult. Look around, be observant, and you will find the answers at the stations you are supposed to visit.

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If you have answered all the questions correctly at the end of each rally, you will get the solution and can enter our competitions.
Participation pays out, as there are many fantastic prizes to be won. The entry deadline is always 31 December of a given year.

We hope you enjoy your tour of discovery and wish you a lot of luck with our competitions.