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Contents make your event unmissable. Team experiences make it unforgettable.

Our spectrum ranges from cultural to culinary, from easygoing to energetic, from lasting half a day to several days – but they all have one thing in common: a team-boosting effect. You are sure to find the right experience module to suit your guests or team. Needless to say, all modules can be adapted or extended to meet your very specific requirements or requests; some can even be combined. We are more than happy to provide a customised offer!

Our Incentive Categories:  Eating Out | Experiences | Team building | Sport

Eating out

Cooking event

Under the supervision of professional chefs and in unusual surroundings, participants will be taught the noble art of cooking and will be able to refine already existing skills with exquisite recipes from all over the world! Düsseldorf's event kitchens are the ideal setting for product presentations, conferences and all kinds of company activities.

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Rococo dinner

Take a step back in time with an evening of Rococo! Indulge in an eveningdressed in sumptuously elegant Rococo costumes. A room servant willhelp you and your guests into splendid finery with all the matching propsand accessories. We’ll also provide suitable entertainment throughout theevening, from table magicians and caricaturists to a music band or orchestra.

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Champion barbecuing

Under the expert supervision of a runner-up world barbecuing champion,participants will be able to learn many techniques and, using market-freshingredients, create a masterpiece barbecue menu with tasty appetisers,many main courses and delicious desserts. And then enjoy the jointlyprepared stunning meals in a convivial group.

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Running dinner

At a running dinner, you’ll enjoy each course at a different restaurant.To find your next location, you’ll have to answer a few tricky questions ornavigate through the city by GPS. At the end of the evening, all the teamswill get together to chat about their experiences.

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There is hardly a better place from which to explore Düsseldorf on the Rhine than from the deck of a ship. Discover Düsseldorf from the water side. On board this Rhine ship – which can only be chartered for exclusive events – guests have a chance to enjoy the unique Rhine panorama offered by the state capital. Cruises can be complemented with first-class buffets, great artistes or classic casino evenings. They are always planned and organised entirely in line with the client’s wishes with regard to duration and the many different side programmes. Welcome aboard

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City rallye Düsseldorf

This event is a highly entertaining type of scavenger hunt that’s packed with variety. The participants will get to know the city’s tourist attractions and noteworthy features of the Old Town in a relaxed manner. Using specially prepared “road books”, the groups are given a set of questions to answer – some odd, some more general – that will test their knowledge.

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Mountain biking/E-Mountain biking with passion

Are you looking for an action-packed, fun experience in nature? Then we cordially invite you to a flowing and eventful mountain bike tour in the forest of Düsseldorf and surroundings. Whoever thinks Düsseldorf isn’t green, we prove the opposite! Whether diverse mountain bike tour, team building games or GPS rally - your dream concept will be realized. There is no problem if your group has different performance levels, as there are both normal and e-mountain bikes in the fleet.

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Helicopter flight

Unique views of Düsseldorf and the region!

The helicopter flight starts from the airport Mönchengladbach. The sightseeing flight leads once over the Rhine to the television tower. You will see the Düsseldorf Altstadt, the Medienhafen and the area along the Rhine.

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iPad-Rallye: Make your town to your playground

The iPad-Rally is a combination of an interactive city rally, quiz duel and strategy game. Your participants set out to find exciting riddles, create their own playground and develop strategies to play off the other teams. The tackling of the task, the interaction with the other teams and the joint success offer a lot of fun and turn your event into an entertaining experience.

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Dolce vita in Düsseldorf - exclusive Calessino tour

Fifty years ago, millions of tourists in Italy were chauffeured through the streets of Italy in the three-wheeled convertibles, able to immerse themselves in the sounds and scents of “la dolce vita”. 
We was able to secure a few models of these modern “mopeds with a back seat”, and now they are available for exclusive tours. Jump in and experience the extraordinary driving experience!

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GPS team expedition

Modern scavenger hunt in a team using a GPS and maps. The team must piece together hidden clues,
such as a puzzle, but also tackle team tasks on the way to the finish line. Only by pooling the strengths of each member can the team be truly strong. Joint effort and team spirit are paramount here.

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Drones - Workshop

Are you looking for something special, new and unique to try out at least once? Then book yourself into the Drone Workshop! We have all heard of drones, but what exactly are they? These “UFOs” continue to fascinate us enormously. Now you will have the one-off chance to pilot a drone yourself.

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Alpin Golf

The two Alpine golf courses with a combined area of around 4,000 square metres are a real highlight at the allrounder mountain resort. The scenery created on the Alpine golf green, with streams, springs, boulders, wooden huts, milk churns, tree trunks and animals, will make your visit to the Salzburger Alm beer garden – right next door – even more entertaining.

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SEGWAY tours

Segways attract enormous attention and are therefore ideal for your event. You will fascinate your customers, guests or employees with something special that really sticks in the mind.

Offer your guests more than the run-of-the-mill: with a Segway track or exciting excursions you can give events such as corporate parties, incentives or your conference a huge boost.

Show that you’re in touch with the latest, environmental-friendly technology and give your guests loads of fun at the same time.

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Team building

Charity event – Team-Building Event with social character

Team-building in a different way! This Charity Events are a really new idea especially when you are looking for a sustainable and a useful event for your employees. More than 30 different renovation and construction projects in nurseries and schools are waiting for a committed team. But also the work in nature conservation is perfect to underlined the social and charitable character of your company.Technical skills and creativity can be particularly encouraged at these events. We are offering a range of projects according to your wishes. Sustainability and charitable commitment will promote motivation more than you believe!

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Log cabin jamboree

Fun and games in the cabin!
Sporting fun with cabin contests including beer stein holding, nail hammering and cow milking promise plenty of cheers and laughter in and between the teams. A jamboree your team will not likely forget in a hurry.

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Create connections - ball of wool activity

We have the ideal ice-breaker (or closing act) for your conference. The “Wool Act” will quickly create a visual and tangible “network” with your guests as active participants. Using a ball of wool, our Wool Act artist will invite the audience to join in creating a very special network. This act is a real energizer!

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Drum workshop

At important events, drums help to connect people and build team spirit.
Get a crash course in African rhythms and percussion art presented in an authentic style. In only a few minutes, you will see your team transform into a rousing drum orchestra. On the front line, a world-class drummer on the djembe will set the beat with powerful rhythms for an unforgettable experience.

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Laughter yoga workshop

Laughter yoga combines ancient, oriental wisdom with recent scientific observations. Laughter yoga focuses on self-triggered laughing for no reason. Instructed by a competent trainer, you will learn various laughter techniques that you can then use in a team. An amazing group experience.

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Land Rover offroad training

Those who complete offroad training learn to push their limits. The training consists of a series of modules featuring practical exercises underpinned by short detours into driving the ory. The group will first be divided into teams before journeying up hill and down dale to complete the training modules. Your team is sure to bond over a heavy dose of fun and adventure!

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When fencing, you always have to keep an eye on your opponent. While learning, this will be your fellow combatants and classmates. The first thing you’ll pick up in this team-building workshop is how to process anduse information correctly. The ability to make mistakes, view them positively and act accordingly is an experience every participant will appreciate. The fun lies in shifting between states of relaxation and alertness.

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Escape Room Game

After you enter the room, there is no turning back - and the clock is ticking! You now have exactly 60 minutes to solve the quest. You will be provided with small aids. Together, you must think logically and unite all your intelligence to find the solution. Because it is only the key to the door and to the solution of the case.

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Pixel painting

There’s nothing quite like collective creativity and a shared sense of achievement to help people bond! At the Pixel Painting workshop, groups of all sizes will work together to create a large painting. The process starts with the painting being sketched onto a large canvas. The canvas consists of individual canvases (“pixels”) – one for each workshop participant. We’llprove cooperation can create a masterpiece!

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Climbing Jamboree

First, you’ll warm-up with an exciting team-based activity on the zig-zagroute. Then your teams will go head to head in a sporting competitionwith events such as crate climbing, the giant ladder and the water carrier(groups of 31 or more). Each participant will scale one or more obstaclesto score points for their team. After the competition, participants will havethe chance to conquer seven climbing routes.

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Team Challenge

Have fun as part of a team, and get to know your colleagues or clients in a completely different light? Both indoor and outdoor team challenges can be arranged, for groups of ten up to 300. Choose from over 50 different modules and event formats to find the one that suits you best.

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Winter games

The premium fun-filled programme for larger teams at the Neuss indoorskiing centre. Nurture team spirit and skill with exciting competitive events such as the short ski biathlon and toboggan, snow bike and tandem skiraces. The games are sure to create a relaxed and motivational atmosphere.

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Speedboat events

Düsseldorf from a completely different angle. On board a speedboat you will race at up to 100 km/h past the Altstadt’s Rhine embankment promenade. It’s a unique experience! The duration of the trip can range between one and four hours, as desired. And then to top it all off, why not enjoy a hearty BBQ aboard a houseboat?

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A teambuilding of the extra class is a rafting trip on the Rhine. The number of participants is variable between 8 and 80 people, depending on the route and condition. It starts, of course after an intensive safety briefing in Neuss on the idyllic river Erft. From there it goes with the professional boats past the Düsseldorfer Medienhafen and the famous Altstadtpanorama. The destination is the pier at the Theodor-Heuss-Brücke.

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