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Guided group tours in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf's Old Town

A square kilometre full of churches, art and pubs in the heart of the city – this is Düsseldorf’s famous Old Town.
The guided tour provides you with an entertaining and informative mix of town history, original Düsseldorf characters and tales.

Per group from 125,00 €

The "MedienHafen"

Where a few years ago disused storage halls emanated an atmosphere of bleakness, there is now the "MedienHafen", arguably Düsseldorf’s most interesting urban development project.

Per group from 129,00 €

Alt-Beer Evening

An entertaining evening at the 'longest bar in the world' - including a short walk through the Old Town and an evening meal with Alt beer.

Per person 55,00 €
(from 10 pers.)

The Brewery Path

A sociable guided walk through the old town will get you acquainted with the most important sights and the history of the 'Alt' beer and the home breweries.

Per group from 129,00 €

A Day in Düsseldorf

You are looking for an unforgettable day in Düsseldorf
on the banks of the Rhine? We'll organize an individual programme for you.

Per person 55,00 €
(from 10 pers.)

Düsseldorf - (not only) for kids

The fisher boy and the famous cartwheeling children will make a stroll through Düsseldorf's Old Town that is suitable for children come to life with tales of exciting episodes from the history of the city.

Per group from 95,00 €

Sushi, Sake & Co - Discover Japan on the Banks of the Rhine

Discover everything about the everyday life, culture and cuisine during a walk along the japanese quarter on the Immermannstraße.

Per group from 129,00 €

Historic Kaiserswerth

For many centuries, the little town of Kaiserswerth was an important strategic base on the banks of the Rhine. Today, Kaiserswerth is a part of Düsseldorf and invites you to an idyllic walk through its medieval lanes.

Per group from 129,00 €

Düsseldorf, City by the River Rhine

A different approach to city history: in Düsseldorf it becomes obvious along the Rhine. A walk along the promenade will get you acquainted with the development from fishing village to state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Per group from 125,00 €

Walk along the 'Kö'

Discover one of the world's most famous and exclusive shopping boulevards and learn how Königsallee got its name! Separated by the town moat, the two sides of the 'Kö' have undergone completely different developments.

Per group from 129,00 €

Through Düsseldorfs Old Town with a Night-Watchman

When the day draws to an end and the romantic lanes are illuminated by the glow of the lanterns, we guide you through the historic Old Town. Look forward to interesting facts, when the watchman says: ‘Hark, ye folks...’

Per group from 149,00 €

Art in Düsseldorf

Almost all of Düsseldorf's famous cultural institutes lie on an axis stretching from the Ehrenhof cultural centre to the Ständehaus. The walk tells of great museums, renowned galleries, of the academy of arts and the school of arts and crafts.

Per group from 129,00 €

On the tracks of the "Säulenheiligen" (stylites)

Since 2001, these life-size Litfass sculptures by Düsseldorf artist Christoph Pöggeler have depicted ordinary people in urban public spaces.

Per group from 129,00 €

Discover Düsseldorf by Bike

In Düsseldorf, cyclists are in the lucky position to be able to see almost all the attractions in the city centre without getting off their saddle. At specially interesting points, the guide stops to inform the participants about the city history and tourist highlights.

Per person 29,00 €
(from 10 pers.)

Discover Düsseldorf by bike plus

Start your tour of discoveries at a leisurely pace on the Rhine embankment promenade and ride along Europe's most important river: see green idyllic landscapes, picturesque places, cross the Rhine on a ferry, admire the avant-garde Gehry buildings in the "MedienHafen".

Per person 34,00 €
(from 10 pers.)

Bike tour: Natural and cultural treasures in the south of Düsseldorf

This charming bike trail with eight stunning breakpoints will allow you to discover the vast Urdenbacher Kämpe am Rhein nature reserve, the city’s Urdenbach district with its idyllic, narrow streets and timber-framed houses, and Benrath Palace and Park, one of the most beautiful total artworks of the 18th century.

Per person 34,00 €
(from 10 pers.)

Carriage ride through Düsseldorf

Experience a very different, companionable kind of city tour accompanied by the patter of hooves and the snorting of horses, and arrange your very own route with us. On board: a 10-liter barrel of Alt beer.


Tales and Legends

Düsseldorf’s Old Town is full of enchanting tales and legends. Discover the mysterious, exciting places where the stories happened.

Per group from 129,00 €

We love Music - more than just Eurovision Song Contest

Take a stroll around the city and discover all music highlights between Robert Schumann and Kraftwerk, the pioneers of electronic music

Per group from 99,00 €

Famous Personalities

Discover where famous personalities who came to and stayed in Düsseldorf lived and worked.

Per group from 129,00 €

Ho-Ho-Ho-Hopping-Tour of the christmas markets

Guided tour with your own guide through the festively illuminated Old Town including a deliciously spiced mulled wine and Christmas biscuits.

Per person 10,00 €
(from 15 pers.)