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Düsseldorf’s charm can also be experienced through the Rhine metropolis’s culinary diversity: creative, hearty and eclectic, Düsseldorf has been attracting food lovers from all over the world for many years. It’s a place where deeply traditional, homely, down-to-earth food comes together with haute cuisine, fusion food and – thanks to Europe’s third largest Japanese community – authentic Asian cooking.

Rhineland joie de vivre and openness are also evident everywhere on Düsseldorf’s culinary scene. There is absolutely no contradiction in enjoying fine dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant, and then getting together with friends over a cold “Altbier” on the streets of the Altstadt (old town).

Experience Düsseldorf´s culinary side first hand and join us on a guided tour which will allow you to discover the city with all your senses.

The worldwide leading travel guide Lonely Planet visited Düsseldorf and presents the food scene in Düsseldorf in the below video. Be inspired.

Here we present a selection of restaurants by various categories in alphabetical order.

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BBQ & Steak Restaurants

Fancy some American culinary classics? The first thing we all think of is the hamburger. But US cuisine has far more to offer than this export hit – as a number of BBQ & Steak restaurants in Düsseldorf want to prove. Savour the smoky aromas and the flame-kissed food – and remember, it isn’t only meat that goes onto the grill here.

© Spaceburger, Photo: Robert Schwab

Burger Restaurants

Since the burger trend spreads everywhere the question of its perfect creation arose in Düsseldorf as well. We won’t tell you what we think – check out Düsseldorf’s many burger bars to find out for yourself where to get the tastiest version of this American classic.


Cafés & Patisseries

Be it classic coffee and cake, a New York cheesecake, cupcakes and hot chocolate, sophisticated pralines or cake pops, a lavish breakfast or just a takeaway coffee – Düsseldorf is home to countless cafés and patisseries which look forward to your visit.

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Chinese Restaurants

Typical Chinese: spicy, hot or sweet-and-sour. In many of the open Chinese restaurant kitchens in Düsseldorf, you can be surprised because these Asian culinary artists give diners an impressive demonstration of how they prepare food. Either way, it’s a feast for the senses.

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German restaurants & breweries

If you are visiting Düsseldorf’s "Hausbrauereien", you will hardly be able to avoid certain distinctive Rhineland features: the Düsseldorf “Köbes” (waiter) will convey not only the local specialities to your plate but also a sense of just how down-to-earth the shopping and fashion metropolis can be – so come on in…

© Brasserie Stadthaus, Photo: Adrian Bedoy

French Restaurants

Those in search of champagne, chansons and authentic French flair are most likely to find it in Düsseldorf – mainly because the city has a reputation to defend: since Napoleonic times, it has been regarded as a “little Paris”. Düsseldorf’s France Festival, which marks France’s national day, is also part of this tradition: a colourful cultural programme and typical French culinary delights attract many visitors every year.

© Menta, Photo: Bastian Tworuschka

Italian Restaurants

Be it a quick mini pizza from the stone oven, or a romantic candlelight dinner with Italian wine, the Italian restaurants in Düsseldorf offer the perfect setting for every occasion. We present some favourites who serve up the most authentic “cucina di mamma” in the city.

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Japanese Restaurants

Germany’s biggest Japanese community lives in Düsseldorf. That is why there are so many Japanese restaurants in the “Japanese quarter” around Immermannstraße where you can enjoy typical Japanese specialities ranging from sushi to onigiri or edamame to ramen or matcha tea. There’s a very good reason why this area is also known as “Little Tokyo”.


Korean, Vietnamese & Thai Restaurants

If Asian cuisine doesn’t make you automatically think of Japanese or Chinese food, then Düsseldorf is the place to be, with a considerable number of restaurants serving Thai, Korean, Vietnamese and even Mongolian cuisine.

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Mexican Restaurants

Mexico instantly conjures up images of blazing sun, sombreros, cacti and fiestas… and Mexican cuisine is just as “fiery”: tacos, burritos, fajitas, quesadillas, nachos and guacamole are served up with jalapeños or chilli peppers, producing an exceptionally hot culinary experience. For the more sensitive palate – most Mexican restaurants in Düsseldorf also serve milder versions of their dishes, as well as sugary cocktails.


Oriental Restaurants

Pepper, turmeric, cardamom, black mustard, fenugreek – Indian cuisine is famed for its use of exotic spices, some of which are entirely unknown in the western world. If you want to get a flavour of the Orient – not only Indian, but also Arab, Lebanese or Turkish – it may be enough to visit one of the various restaurants in Düsseldorf. That way, you’ll get a culinary trip to the Orient at least.


Spanish & Portuguese Restaurants

Naturally enough, tapas, paella, fish and seafood are at the top of the menu in the Düsseldorf restaurants that serve Spanish or Portuguese cuisine. Combine these with regional wines and we’re sure that everybody will want to sample the distinctive way of life in these southern lands for themselves.


Star Awarded and High Class Restaurants

Düsseldorf’s haute cuisine is highly regarded. The city boasts a number of highly exclusive restaurants, including several which have been awarded Michelin Stars and Gault-Millau toques. So those who prefer fine dining will certainly not be disappointed. The chefs at these restaurants have learnt how to cosset their guests with creativity, skill, perfection and taste.

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Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurants

Düsseldorf is a city of trends, and not only with regard to fashion. In the culinary arena too, the city on the Rhine moves with the times: restaurants serving only vegetarian or even vegan food have opened in many places – so if meat isn’t part of your diet, the Rhine metropolis offers a diverse range of options.