Information about visiting the Christmas Market

The 2021 Düsseldorf Christmas market is taking place as planned. Before you visit, please inform yourself with the latest daily updates on this page, regarding the situation in Düsseldorf and whether there are any types of restrictions.


2G rules 

The 2G rule applies, i.e. only fully vaccinated or fully recovered people are allowed to visit the Düsseldorf Christmas market. 

People who had all necessary partial vaccinations and had the last vaccination at least 14 days ago qualify as fully vaccinated. Proof may be provided by the EU Covid vaccination certificate (digital or analogue) or the vaccination certificate (yellow). Guests must be vaccinated with the vaccines authorised in the EU ("Comirnaty" from BioNTech/Pfizer, "Spikevax" from Moderna, "Vaxzevria" from AstraZeneca and "Janssen" from Johnson&Johnson). 

- From Monday, 27 December, school pupils aged six years up to and including 15 years, who are neither vaccinated nor recovered,  must present proof of an individual test when visiting the Christmas Market. Since full school testing was conducted in the final week of classes, after that time school pupils are no longer classed as tested individuals.

- Tested individuals are those who have a negative result from an rapid antigen test taken at most 24 hours beforehand, or a PCR test taken at most 48 hours beforehand.


  • - Recovered people must document their status with a recovery certificate, which is not allowed to be older than six months.
  • Vaccination certificates or documents proving recovery are accepted from both EU countries and also from non-EU countries. The certificate must be issued in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish. It may be presented in printed or digital form.
  • - The proof of immunisation is only valid in combination with an official ID document.


  • Children and youth up to and including the age of 15 are exempt from the 2G rule regardless of their origin. The 2G rule applies to all people over the age of 16.
  • - Pre-school children are considered to be tested individuals irrespective of where they come from. 
  • - An exception to the 2G rule applies to adults, who have a medical certificate proving that they currently or at a maximum time of six weeks ago cannot/could not be vaccinated against Covid-19 because of health considerations. These people must have a proof of test (antigen rapid test not older than 24 hours or PCR test not older than 48 hours).

For details see Section 2 Corona Protection Ordinance (CoronaSchVO) of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia



Anyone who has proof of vaccination or recovery or is classified under the exception (see above), receives a 2G armband. 

The 2G armbands are issued by the local vendors at the huts, by our 2G scouts and by the municipal public order and safety service at the markets. At the fenced market place at the city hall they are issued at the entry exit controls by the private public order and safety service commissioned by us.

In addition to the Christmas market armbands we use, additional 2G armbands are issued to customers by retailers, and these are recognised as 2G proof just like our armbands.

These are the armbands of Düsseldorf Arcades, coloured white and bearing the print “DÜSSELDORF ARCADEN” and the armbands of Düsseldorfer Trade, coloured orange and bearing the print “Forum Stadtmarketing: Safe in Düsseldorf”.

The above-mentioned 2G armbands are valid at all Düsseldorf Christmas markets and are recognised as proof of 2G status. 

Even if you wear one of the three recognised armbands, the vendors are obligated to continue carrying out random sample checks. 



There is no obligation to wear a mask in Düsseldorf city centre. 

We recommend that all visitors should wear a medical mask.

Pandemiegerechtes Verhalten

Correct behaviour during the pandemic 

 Anyone who feels ill should postpone the visit. Symptoms associated with Covid-19 are, for instance, fever, coughing, catarrh, disturbance of sense of taste and smell and, amongst other things, sore throat, breathing trouble, skin rash, headache and limb pains or nausea and stomach aches.

Please comply with the general rules of infection protection (social distancing, coughing and sneezing behaviour, hand hygiene). 

At gastronomic stalls there is a possibility of disinfecting hands. 

Allgemeine Hinweise