Biggest funfair on the Rhine

Tagesausflug zur Kirmes

Rides as far as the eye can see

Rhine fair in Düsseldorf

For no less than the 119th time, the big funfair city will be erected in 2020 on its traditional, picturesque site, on the Oberkassel Rheinwiesen. These meadows, which have an area of 165,000 sqm, will provide space for stallholders from both Germany and abroad, and a wide range of rides, guaranteeing fun for all the family.


Dating back more than 700 years and still going strong, Düsseldorf’s St. Sebastianus shooting club boasts more than 1,500 members. With the biggest fun fair on the Rhine the club will be celebrating the day of its patron saint, St. Apollinaris (23 July). As part of the event, the “Historic Procession” on 19 July is a spectacle to behold, as more than 3,000 uniformed shooters, marching bands, teams of horses and carriages wind their way through the streets in what is one of Germany’s largest parades.


Friday, 24th July 2020 

MS Riverstar

Boat trip for the   funfair fireworks

✓ Experience a romantic boat tour beetween Kaiserswerth and MedienHafen
✓ Enjoy a great view onto the fireworks in the sky
✓ Incl. fresh dishes from the galley (cold/ warm buffet)
Incl. welcome drink

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Bigest funfair on the Rhine

Fair opening hours:

Mo - Fr: 2 PM
Sa: 1 PM
So: 11 AM

17th to 26th of July 2020

This year's "Olympia-Looping" on the Rhine meadow is really breathtaking. With a total height of about 38 meters (roadway about 32.5 meters), a length of about 1,200 meters and a weight of 900 tons, this giant is the largest transportable roller coaster in the world. Five loops turn the city on the Rhine upside down during the ride.

The "Hangover Tower" stands on the Rhine meadow and is 80 metres high. Here the passengers experience a free fall after a wonderful view from 75 meters height. In approx. the same height also the gondolas of the tower chain flier "Jules Verne Tower" turn.

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