A live trip through the city  

Our digital guided tours

Would you like to experience Düsseldorf from the comfort of your own home and discover new perspectives? Then simply book one of our live guided tours! Follow our guides through the Old Town past Tailor Wibbel and the Rathaus (city hall). Our guides bring the most beautiful Düsseldorf experiences to your home and tell you all the best stories – via your mobile phone. A special kind of video conference that’s real fun!


For groups and teams: create shared  experiences

The digital guided tour is best as part of a group. Book now with your colleagues, lottery syndicate or sports club – and then wander the streets of Düsseldorf together online. 

Book private tour now

Participants will need an internet-enabled device (PC/laptop, tablet or smartphone) with integrated or add-on camera, loudspeaker and microphone.  We’d recommend that you use a headset, if available. You will also need a stable internet connection.

Ten minutes before the scheduled start, join the tour using the registration link – in the app or on your browser. This will ensure that the tour can start on time. Please register in the tool with your name – your first name is enough. No right to reimbursement for late arrivals.

Both the guides and the other participants can pick up background sounds through the microphones. You should therefore take the tour in a quiet setting, and avoid other activities. Like the usual city tours, the digital tours are also interactive. Give a signal if you want to say or ask something. Before the tour, you may want to think of all the questions you always wanted to ask about Düsseldorf’s Old Town. Hand gestures cannot always be organised well via the tools. In case of doubt, the guides will explain their preferred procedure at the start of the tour.