Walther König

Grabbeplatz 4, 40213 Düsseldorf

So many museums, so much art. But not everyone who comes to Düsseldorf has the necessary funds to buy a work of art in one of the numerous renowned galleries.

Good that there are such beautifully illustrated books, with which even ordinary mortals can take home a piece of culture. And good that the Walther König bookshop is there, in which such illustrated books are stacked up. In the bookshop, which is located on the ground floor of the Kunsthalle am Grabbeplatz, art lovers may spend as much time as in the exhibitions. Once immersed in the offer, the hours fly by in no time. In Vis-à-vis, in the foyer of the K20, there is a smaller branch.


Buchhandlung Walther König GmbH & Co.KG
Grabbeplatz 4
40213 Düsseldorf

Phone +49 0211 8639 5570