Ulanendenkmal (Lancers monument)

Joseph-Beuys-Ufer 27,  40479 Düsseldorf

The Ulanendenkmal (Lancers monument) by the sculptor Richard Langer on the Joseph Beuys embankment shows a rider armed with a lance on a reared up horse. 

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The 1673 kg bronze sculpture was mounted on a more than 15 metres high shell limestone pedestal. Impressive, but not uncontroversial as a war memorial: The Westphalia Lancers Regiment No. 5 was a cavalry regiment of the Prussian army, formed in 1815 during the war of liberation in the fight against Napoleon. In its more than 100 year existence, the regiment, which was stationed in the Düsseldorf garrison from 1822, fought in numerous battles. The monument was erected in 1929 on the initiative of former Lancers.