Tritonenbrunnen (Triton fountain)

königsallee/Kö Brücke, 40212 Düsseldorf

The Greek god of the sea Triton holds a powerful water-spouting fish armed with a spear. Two cherubs are involved in the fight.

To the right and left of the group of sculptures, which sit majestically on an artificial rock in the middle of the Kö-Graben, fountains pour water into large mussel shells. The well of the sculptor Friedrich Coubillier at the northern end of the Kö gave the boulevard 1900 a worthy design conclusion, a “Point de vue”. Incidentally, this was not only found by the society for improvement which had initiated the project. The Tritonenbrunnen (Triton fountain) is still popular as a backdrop for family photos and selfies.


königsallee/Kö Brücke
40212 Düsseldorf