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Skulpturenhalle Neuss

Lindenweg/Berger Weg, 41472 Neuss

Design and reality: The Skulpturenhalle Neuss is the largest and most ambitious building to date, built according to a model of the internationally acclaimed Düsseldorf artist Thomas Schütte.

Architectural models belonged to Schütte's early work, but mostly his works remained with fictional poetic images. In 2016, the extraordinary museum building was opened: Wooden slats, which are applied to the outer wall made of concrete, make the elongated facade appear like a delicate skeleton. The roof above has the shape of a convex shell. The sculpture hall lies between the grounds of the Museum Insel Hombroich, the former rocket station also used as an exhibition venue, and the Langen Foundation.

Adults 5 €
Art:card, Students free entry
Guide 50 €


Skulpturenhalle Neuss
Lindenweg/Berger Weg
41472 Neuss

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