Old town


It's only a stone's throw from here to Spain. The small Schneider-Wibbel-Gasse is only a few steps away from the Bolker strasse and Flinger strasse and is almost a hundred metres long - yet it is a small culinary cosmos in itself. That is because the small alley in the Altstadt (Old town) is firmly in Spanish hands. 

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The names of the restaurants are Da Primo, El Amigo, Picasso, Café Madrid, Las Tapas and El Gitano, the latter being incidentally the oldest Spanish restaurant in the city. And just as things are in Spain: People like to sit outside. Since the small alley is narrow and protected from the wind and as a number of restaurateurs have provided radiant heaters outside, a warm Mallorca-style evening can be evoked here even in the cooler months.

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