Schloss Benrath (Benrath Palace) and park

Benrather Schloßallee 100-106,  40597 Düsseldorf

The Elector Carl Theodor was considered a building enthusiast and apparently he loved it. In the middle of the 18th century he had two pleasure palaces built in Düsseldorf. 

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These are Schloss Jägerhof and Schloss Benrath in the south of Düsseldorf. The latter was designed by architect Nicolas de Pigage and is considered one of the most beautiful late Baroque garden palaces in Europe. The very well-preserved building complex consisting of a main building, the eastern and western cavalier wings, the two gatehouses and four guardhouses, provides deep insight into the courtly life of the second half of the 18th century. The park, which borders on the Rhine embankment, was also designed by Nicolas de Pigage. The Museum of Garden Art, a unique collection worldwide, allows a journey through the centuries of European garden art and the history of the Benrath palace.


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