Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté

Apollo-Platz 1,  40213 Düsseldorf

“Varieté, this is the small, decadent brother of the circus.” This is how the founder of Roncalli's Apollo Varieté, Bernhard Paul, once described the essence of his theatre. 

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Since 1997 Paul brings artistry and acrobatics, music and song, dance and comedy on the stage of the Düsseldorf Apollo. The quarterly changing show, which can also be complemented with a three-course dinner menu, is extremely popular among vaudeville fans. But not only the program is worth seeing, also the place itself is spectacular. The Apollo is housed in a glass cube under the Rheinkniebrücke, designed by the architects Niklaus Fritschi, Benedikt Stahl and Günter Baum, who also developed the adjacent Rhine embankment promenade.

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