Rheinwiesen (Rhine meadow)

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 49,  40545 Düsseldorf
Open 24 hours

Düsseldorf is often associated with luxury. But money does not always have to be involved. Even the vastness of the Rhine meadows in the middle of the big city is a luxury that other cities are lacking. 

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This creates opportunities that can be exploited in Düsseldorf, after all the river floodplains on the banks of Oberkassel between the Rheinknie and Oberkasseler bridges provide the flair of a huge stage. Whether the biggest funfair on the Rhine or Japanese fireworks - everything that takes place in the Rhine meadows can be enjoyed right there on the spot or, as in the case of fireworks, can be admired from elsewhere such as the Altstadt (Old town) embankment. Beyond these events, on the Rhine meadows the smoke from barbecues gently rises and kites flutter in the sky. Further down the river, where the floodplains continue crossing the Theodor-Heuss bridge, there is a miniature golf course, garden allotments and the Lörick beach, which is probably the most beautiful swimming pool close to the centre.


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