Cecilienallee ,  40474 Düsseldorf

There are many picnic spots in Düsseldorf, but the meadows of the Rheinpark offer probably the most beautiful panorama of bridges.

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 From the Rheinknie bridge on the left, the view sweeps over the Oberkassel bridge to the right to the Theodor Heuss bridge, where the sun sets in summer. The area between Cecilienallee and Robert-Lehr embankment is a total of 24 hectares, and the park alone follows the course of the river for 2.5 kilometres, which is a treat for joggers and cyclists alike. The Rheinpark received its present design with numerous meadows, poplars, birches and maple trees in 1926, during the then urban design and health exhibition GeSoLei. Today it is a listed monument. 


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