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Königsallee 34A, 40212 Düsseldorf

They are the Montagues and Capulets of fashion. The two Italian fashion labels Prada and Gucci are immersed in an everlasting fashion competition. The Milanese fashion company Prada had the edge in the 90s, then the Florentine company Gucci caught up powerfully.

The Düsseldorf Prada branch is located on the corner of Königsallee and Königsstrasse, just two shops away from the competition - for lovers of Italian fashion and exclusive leather goods, this is a luxury that can only be enjoyed in a few places in Germany. Soft green dominates the interiors in the world of Miuccia Prada. Leather goods, fashion, jewellery and glasses are offered in a tasteful ambience. A selection that is second to none in Germany.


Königsallee 34A
40212 Düsseldorf

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