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Places of remembrance and memorial Düsseldorf

Mühlenstraße 6,  40213 Düsseldorf

To prevent forgetting. The places of remembrance and memorial in Düsseldorf in the western part of the Stadthaus in the Altstadt (Old town) commemorate the victims of National Socialist violence. 

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The triangle consisting of museum, research centre and archive has existed since 1987 and in 2015 the area was tripled and complemented by the permanent exhibition “Düsseldorf children and young people under National Socialism”. The place was chosen for a reason: The rooms in the Stadthaus served as offices, interrogation rooms and detention cells of the police, Gestapo and SS in the time of National Socialism. From 1926 to the beginning of 1934, the police headquarters was located there, which until 1934 was under the control of the Gestapo. Later, the Schutzstaffel (SS) and the District military command moved into the house.


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