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Ninasagt / Assembly

Stresemannstraße 39, 40210 Düsseldorf

What Nina Bienefeld says, is shown in her gallery in the Stresemannstrasse program. Contemporary art with an emphasis on illustration and graphic design are the focus.

And Nina was also the one who agreed to share her Artspace with the guys from Not a Shop. The South African brothers Lucio and Massimo Lupacchini sell selected avant-garde fashion, including the leather accessories of Düsseldorf-based Marion Strehlow. And the hairdresser Stesemann from across the road has placed two of his barber chairs in a minimalist ambience and offers individual services here. An eclectic mix, but that's the charm of the off-location, a triad with the name Assembly.


Stresemannstraße 39
40210 Düsseldorf