Landtag Nordrhein-Westfalen (State parliament)

Platz des Landtags 1,  40221 Düsseldorf

When the war-torn city of Düsseldorf became a State capital in 1946, good advice was rare: Where should the State parliament meet? At first, they decided to do so in the Ständehaus am Kaiserteich, the present home of the K21. 

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However, space was lacking and so in the late 1970s, a new building was planned. The design of the architectural office Eller, Moser, Walter, which is attributable to the structuralism style, is based on a geometric interplay with circles - a symbol of the fact that in a parliament “wheels should interlock like clockwork”. Whoever wants to understand this idea is in luck. The Landtag is located directly at the foot of the Rheinturm (Rhine tower), so that the layout of the building can be very impressively contemplated from a height of 168 metres. A transformation of the surroundings ensued when the new State parliament was first occupied in 1988: The Rhine embankment tunnel, Rhine embankment promenade and Rhine park Bilk projects were urban planning milestones that positively influence the quality of life and atmosphere in Düsseldorf up to this day.