Art in public space


Burgplatz ,  40213 Düsseldorf

From mural to mosaic. When in 1997 the artist and art professor Hermann-Josef Kuhna and his students created the work “Rivertime”, consisting of hundreds of thousands of colourful, shimmering dots of colour on the side walls of the staircase in the Burgplatz and the adjacent Rhine wall, the mural had a contagiously cheerful effect. 

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20 years later, however, the artwork was partially soiled and smeared, so that the friendly effect subsided. Kuhna himself suggested replacing the acrylic paints with tile ceramics in order to prevent vandalism in the future. In just six weeks, “Rivertime” 2017 was restored according to this new idea. Shortly thereafter, the artist died. His work will live on for a long time and now shines twice as beautifully with the ceramic sheen of the tiles.