Johanneskirche (Evangelical church)

Martin-Luther-Platz 39,  40212 Düsseldorf

The Johanneskirche in the Berliner Allee, was built in the style of a circular arch and is the largest Protestant church in Düsseldorf and the first to be erected freely on a square. 

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Previously, evangelical church buildings were only allowed as so-called court churches. As example of this is: the Bergerkirche. After the decision to build was made in 1824, it still took until 1875 to lay the cornerstone. During the Second World War, the Johanneskirche was heavily destroyed, in 1953 it was reopened. Today it is known to many people in Düsseldorf, as numerous concerts and events are held there. For example, the Wednesday lunch-time organ sessions invite you to enjoy half an hour of organ music for lunch.  

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