Japanischer Garten

Stockumer Kirchstraße,  40474 Düsseldorf
Open 24 hours

In the northwestern corner of Nordpark, where the park is the quietest and most tranquil, there is a garden gem of a special kind - the “Japanese garden on the Rhine”. 

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The so-called Garden of Reflection covers more than 5000 square metres, and if you follow Far Eastern mythology, then here every tree and pond, every stone and every source has a deeper symbolic meaning. The trees, mostly pines and Japanese maple, are trimmed in a special way. For example, the black pines receive a filigree, cloud-shaped structure due to the way of cutting. Especially beautiful: the four stone lanterns, traditional stone carvings made of natural stone. The Japanese Garden was planned and created in the 1970s by Japanese garden and landscape architect Iwakii Ishiguro and his son Shojiro.


Free entry