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Gewürzhaus Altstadt (Old town spice company)

Kapuzinergasse 16,  40213 Düsseldorf

The people from Düsseldorf like to put on their mustard. This is not only the case in a brewery, where people like to engage in conversation in the heartwarming Rhine way, but also in the gastronomic field. 

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Several local mustard varieties, all of which are an excellent complement for local home cooking, come from Düsseldorf. For example, the “aechte Düsseldorfer Mostert” (real Düsseldorf mustard) became known under the name ABB. Behind it are the initials of company founder Adam Bernhard Bergrath, who produced his first mustard from mustard seed and brandy vinegar in 1726. And just this Mostert is still being sold in the Gewürzhaus Altstadt (Old town spice company) in Bergerstrasse. Special information for mustard connoisseurs: The Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh presented a grey ABB mustard pot with the typical anchor symbol in a still life painting in 1884. Accordingly, such a hand-painted mustard pot is also the perfect Düsseldorf souvenir for art lovers.

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