Joseph-Beuys-Ufer 27,  40479 Düsseldorf

Newcomers may wonder why there are such long queues at this pump room on almost every sunny day, but the Fortuna-Büdchen on the Joseph Beuys embankment is a real cult place to go.

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Why? The pump room that is painted in the club colours of its namesake, the Düsseldorf football club Fortuna 1895, is situated on the way between the Altstadt (Old town) and the stadium, so it is ideal port of call for fans to warm up, and it is the usual place to go to celebrate victories and mourn defeats. But that's not the whole story. The red-white painted building immediately adjacent to the long Rhine wall offers perhaps the best place to contemplate wonderful sunsets. This leads to a very mixed crowd of football fans and urban romantics who meet here, all of whom like the pleasant atmosphere on the sun-warmed low wall and even prefer it to many a chic terrace. Highly recommended to copy.

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