Historical building


Heinrich-Heine-Platz 1,  40213 Düsseldorf

Carsch-Haus is a department store which was built in 1915 with its neoclassical sandstone façade, and is very dear to the people of Düsseldorf. 

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When this iconic four-storey building was to be demolished to make way for the construction of the underground rail system in 1982, a citizens' initiative saved it from being torn down. “Lott stonn” - “Leave it standing!” was what many locals demanded at the time. And they were successful. Carsch Haus was carefully taken down, stone by stone, and set back by 23 metres. In addition to its location, its use has also changed over the last century. The delicatessen department in the basement has always been legendary right up to this day. It is the ideal stopover for a shopper’s lunch and for those who want to buy delicatessen souvenirs. 

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