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Burgplatz ,  40213 Düsseldorf

It is considered one of the most beautiful German squares of the postwar period: The Burgplatz between the Rhine embankment and the Altstadt (Old town) is one of those places that should definitely be on the list, even if your visit is short, it connects the Altstadt (Old town) and the Rhine embankment, two of the most typical places in the city. 

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The old Schlossturm (palace tower), which dominates the cobblestone square, is the remnant of a baroque castle and today houses the Schifffahrtmuseum Düsseldorf (Maritime museum). The staircase that leads from Burgplatz to the Rhine embankment is a wonderful place to view the sunset. With falling temperatures, the museum's café at the top of the Schlossturm (palace tower) also offers a splendid view.


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