Brewery Frankenheim

Wielandstraße 12-14,  40211 Düsseldorf

Most of Düsseldorf's breweries date back to the second half of the 19th century. This is also the case of the Düsseldorf private brewery Frankenheim, which was founded in 1873 by Heinrich Frankenheim. 

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After more than 125 years of being family run, Peter Frankenheim, a fourth generation descendant, sold the majority stake in 2005 to the Warsteiner brewery. In the Frankenheim brewery pub on the Düsseldorf Wielandstrasse, however, the origins remain: Even today, the top-fermented Altbier is sold in great quantities over the bar, even though it is no longer brewed at the same place as before. In addition to three large taverns there is also a beer garden.

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