Bergischer Löwe (lion)

Graf-Adolf-Platz ,  40213 Düsseldorf

The Düsseldorf coat of arms shows the Bergischer Löwe (lion) with an anchor, symbol of the location on the Rhine. However, the lion also has a firm place in the Düsseldorf cityscape. 

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In 1963, at the southern end of the Königsallee where the luxury shopping mile crosses the Graf-Adolf-Strasse, a monument was erected to commemorate the 675th anniversary of the city. The bronze one is by Philipp Hart, previously the two wooden versions of the heraldic animal by Johannes Knubel were not able to withstand the Rhine weather and the bombings in 1942. Not only artistically, but also in a gastronomic sense, the lion is a cult item: as shown by the namesake of the Düsseldorf Löwensenf mustard.

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