Basilika St. Margareta (Catholic church)

Gerricusstraße 9, 40625 Düsseldorf

The parish church in Düsseldorf Gerresheim was consecrated in 1236 as a collegiate church. Its history goes back further and is closely linked to the origins of the district.

Already in the 9th century, a Frankish knight named Gerrich donated a monastery in the same place. Today's pillar basilica St. Margaret in the Rhine transitional style displays the whole range of Rhine late Romanesque shapes and colours inside. The “Gerresheimer Gnadenstuhl” in the vault centre, a representation of the Trinity, is considered the earliest in German monumental painting. The larger than life ottonic cross behind the altar still comes from the predecessor building.


Basilika St. Margareta
Gerricusstraße 9
40625 Düsseldorf

Phone +49 211 289330