Bäckerei Hinkel

Mittelstraße 25,  40213 Düsseldorf

It is not only in terms of “liquid bread”, meaning: Altbier, that traditions are cultivated in Düsseldorf. The art of baking also plays a central role in the Rhine metropolis. 

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One of the most popular bakers is Josef Hinkel. Making 60 different types of baked ware is his “daily bread”. These include the famous brown bread varieties that have been on the counter for a quarter of a century, but also more recent creations such as the spicy bread with fennel, coriander and anise or with curry and pineapple. For classics such as the Aachen Printen, Dresdner Stollen and Bayerische Brez'n, Hinkel uses the original recipes that he gathered during his apprenticeship in different parts of the republic.


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