Auseinandersetzung (conflict sculpture)

Mittelstraße/Grabenstraße, 40213 Düsseldorf

The artist Karl-Henning Seemann dealt with the generational conflict of his time in his sculpture “Auseinandersetzung” (conflict) from 1977/78.

Seemann created two life-size bronze figures, a young representative of the '68 generation and an older gentleman with the beginnings of a paunch, who are in obvious dispute. The attraction of plastic on the corner of Mittelstrasse and Grabenstrasse in the Düsseldorf Altstadt (Old town) is the possibility of interaction. Often passers-by walk around the figures, change their point of view or look at their counterpart in the eyes. Diplomatic art lovers are also happy to mediate and conciliate between those in dispute.


Skulptur „Auseinandersetzung"
40213 Düsseldorf